Redirect www to non-www in CloudFront using Lambda@Edge

Every website should be accessible by using addresses like and On the other hand you should never have a duplicate content by serving the same content on different URLs. Because of these UX and SEO principles it’s best practice to create a permanent redirection from to or vice versa. When hosting a static website with AWS S3 and … Read more

What is relevant content and how it helps you to rank better on Google?

Google respects relevant content and ranks sites with relevant content higher. But what relevant content actually is? 1. Matching keywords (but enough is enough) The most important signal that tells Google that your website has relevant content is matching keywords. Your content should contain keywords that match the user’s search query. Relevant content is not … Read more

Detecting scroll direction with JavaScript

Detecting scroll direction with just pure JavaScript is quite straightforward. First step is to create an event listener for a scroll event. Event handler function that we pass to this listener is called every time user scrolls the page up or down. Inside the event handler we compare the current Y position and the previous … Read more